Google has Social Bias! -Top 3 reasons why you need G+

We all know that google has been envious of  Facebook and its unstoppable dominance in the social space. According to Alexa, its now the second most visited site online.  The big G wants some of the action and has been trying for years to crack the market. Infact they have six attempts at  social before launching plus, with the most memorable flops being google wave & google buzz. When it was launched in 2011 the running joke at the time was Parents use Facebook, Teenagers use Snapchat and Google employees use G+.

But since its rather humble launch, G+ has grown to be #4 in social, behind the big thumbs up, youtube and instagram. But for every small business owner google plus has just become their #1 social priority. For any business owner looking to improve their search rankings, google has been unashamedly boosting the rankings of all businesses who have an active g+ account.

1. Google displays G+ pages in local listings

Since mid 2013 google has been adding a link to business g+ pages in the search listings next to the business location map, as shown below.


If you take your time and look at these local G+ pages you will discover two things. They display a view counter showing a huge number of hits and they are nearly all just a standard bland template page. Lots of views and no love. When potential customers are searching for your local service, you can stand out against your competition just by showing your G+ page some love.

2. G+ is integrated with G+ local business services

In the world of search engine optimisation (SEO), gone are the days of mysterious black-hat keyword stuffing and massive backlink generation techniques. These unscrupulous methods made this sector infamous in the last half of the naughties. The truth is if you tried any of these techniques today you are likely to get your site penalised and your rankings crashing off the front page. Since the famous panda and penguin updates the google search algorithm has been focused on identifying authoritative sites. So how can you make your site an authoritative site? You can provide lots of relevant quality content for your customers and you can take advantage of google local services.  Local services allows you to verify your bricks and mortar business with google using old fashioned snail mail. Once you are verified, you can have your business displaying on the search map for relevant local searches. You can also raise your profile on this list by having customers give you reviews on your google plus page. The magic number seems to be 5 reviews. If you can get 5, five star reviews then google will recognise your site as having a very high local authority in your business category and will reward you with search engine ranking accordingly.


3. G+ posts has integrated MEME tools to sell your business

Have you seen those facebook images with funny captions written over the top? These are called MEME’s and are a great tool for connecting with your audience. An image tells a thousands words and humour breaks a thousand social walls and builds relationships fast.  When you post on google plus, google has integrated the meme tools into their picture uploading functionality. Now you can quickly build a relationship with your customers by connecting with them through appropriate imagery and quickly integrating your business message.

So why not dive in and check out g+ today. Your search engine rankings will thankyou for it! If you have any more G+ tips feel free to add them in the comment section below.