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Embark into your Space Ship and fly into the journey filled with Space Particles, Different Moons, Flying Asteroids, and unexpected danger on every step of journey.
Explore easy new Space Works with cautions of upcoming Cosmos danger.

- Simple Gameplay
- Relaxing Music
- Different Cosmos to concur
- Compete with friends and whole Cosmos

How to play:
- Tap and drag anywhere on screen to move your space ship left or right.
- Collect Cosmos Gun to have additional fire power to fly further.


Delta E Multi Color Space Calculator

An app designed for the color professional and student alike.

This is the only iOS app which can calculate ΔE directly from RGB, CMY, CMYK, HSV and HSL coordinates!

The ΔE Multi Color Space Calculator determines the Eulerian path (linear difference) between two colours, each specified by RGB, CMY, CMYK, HSV, HSL, XYZ, L*ab and L*uv coordinates.

The color difference, ΔE, is calculated using the following standards:

CIE 1976
CIE 1994 for Graphic Arts
CIE 1994 for Textiles and
CIE 2000 (current standard).

ΔE was first developed by the graphic arts community in the 1970's as a means of numerically evaluating the difference in two colours. It has since been refined overtime with CIE 2000 being the most current method.

The closer ΔE is to zero, the closer that two colours match. Any two colours with a ΔE CIE 2000 < 2 can not be distinguished by the human eye.

This app also includes a colour space coordinate convertor. Simply enter your color coordinate in either RGB, CMY, CMYK, HSV, HSL, XYZ, L*ab and L*uv and the remaining 7 coordinates will be calculated.

Maitland Evangelical Church

Maitland Evangelical Church is a Christian Church based in Maitland NSW Australia.

This app is to assist church members in their participation of our christian fellowship.


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